Your love story.


"Sometimes I need

only to stand

wherever I am

to be blessed."

- Mary Oliver

Welcome. This is a place where we embrace the chaos, bottle the beauty and celebrate the magic that is family.


From bump to baby and well beyond, the love that your have for your family is one of the deepest, most profound feelings a person can experience. Having the opportunity to capture that feeling is an honour for me every time.


Willow + Wild is photography about the every day but is anything but everyday photography. I seek to create images that capture the beauty of your life -- images that slow down the flurry of daily existence and let you savour and celebrate the moments, milestones and people that are your world. It is a little bit romantic, a little bit playful and very much soulful.

I'd love to help you document the love story that is uniquely yours. Take a look around, reach out if you have any questions and let's make some amazing memories of this beautiful mess called life.