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Photo of the photographer


Thank you for finding your way here. I'm Ayesha -- mom to two, wife to one, consumer of many (many!) superhero movies and seeker of beauty, love and light.


I am so grateful for the chance to connect with you. Finding the right photographer to document your family's story is important, and I am so glad that you found something in my work that spoke to you.


I truly love creating images that help people see the beauty in their lives. We have so much that keeps us running on a daily basis that it's often easy to miss how many times a day we show our family we care about them. What I love about photographs is the way they can capture our connection with the ones we love, freeze time and allow us to keep, forever, moments that might otherwise just rush by in the whirl of our day. I see family photos as a gift to not just parents (and grandparents), but to our children as well -- who all deserve to see how much they are loved.

So who are my favourite people to photograph? People who will drop their guard in front of the camera and tightly embrace their favourite humans. People who shower affection freely and know exactly what it takes to make their child or partner crack up. People who understand that so much can be said with a touch, a gaze and no words at all. 

If you believe hair should be windblown and tiny feet should be bare, you're my kind of person. If you cheer for the rascals and underdogs in every movie, we already have a lot in common. And if you're ready to make some beautiful memories of your very special love story, I'd love to hear from you.

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