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Wardrobes for wee ones | Toronto family photographer

Photo of small young sisters laughing - by Willow and Wild Photography

We've been chatting about dressing for your session for a bit here on the blog, and I felt that we wouldn't quite be done until we touched upon wardrobe items for kids. In many ways, kids are the easiest to dress-- as long as what you select works in your colour scheme (see the last blog post for that) and doesn't look like athletic wear, you're off to the races. And for the really wee ones, a little something to cover their diaper is all you need because babies look the most beautiful and "baby-like" just in their skin. So instead of giving you the names of a bunch of kids' clothing stores that you probably already know, I thought we'd spend some time touching upon what makes for a great wardrobe for kids and introducing you to some places you can find quality items from smaller, local retailers.

Small boy on beach with his mother - photo by Willow and Wild Photography

I love classic pieces for children. Think linen rompers, simple t-shirts, coveralls, classic sweaters and sundresses. These sorts of pieces simply last the test of time -- they will never date your photos by screaming "this year's fashion." (If you remember the collared shirts of the '70s, you know exactly what I mean.) Look for muted colours as well -- they age well and lend more of a timeless feel to the outfit than bright primary colours. Finally, look for classic patterns such as checks, stripes and florals -- take a pass on trendy colour-blocking, brand labels or graphics that are so common on children's clothing. In the end, we don't want anything that draws attention away from your child, and we want your photos look as beautiful over the years as your children.

Young girl hugging her mother - photo by Willow and Wild Photography

There are many mainstream retailers that offer staples such as denim, onesies and t-shirts, but my favourites are smaller producers who create classic pieces in colours beyond baby blue and pastel pink.

  • Mini mioche is a Toronto-based retailer that offers classic, soft pieces in a beautiful range of colours. I love that they focus on ethical production and sustainability in their products, and create soft pieces that will please even the most sensitive-skinned kid. If your little ones will only wear clothes that move (and won't touch jeans), mini mioche is made for them.

  • If you're looking for a decidedly vintage vibe, The Simple Folk are your kind of folk. Started by two moms, their pieces are ethically made, gentle on the planet and reflect the colours of nature. Don't worry about their pieces bring precious -- they are built for play and longevity so you can pass them down as your family grows.

  • If you're a fan of linen like me, check out Linens and Lace Handmade, Linens for Baby and Loganberry Canada. These small makers have some of the sweetest linen bloomers, jumpsuits, dresses and rompers around. They're all Canadian, too, so no cross-border orders to complicate things.

I'm also a big fan of borrowing a piece of two for little ones. Let's be honest -- they grow really fast and the pieces we buy today may not fit for long. So hit up a friend or two and go closet-diving. Or dash into that used children's clothing boutique because I guarantee you, they will have stuff that is in amazing condition because someone's little kiddo grew two sizes overnight. And if you have an amazing source for beautiful, unique items, let me know. I'm always happy to share your brilliant finds with other parents!


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