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No space for photo albums? Try this.

Personalized family photo calendar by Willow and Wild Photography
C'mon, who wouldn't want to see these faces every day?

Full disclosure. I grew up in the days before digital photos. We had printed photos filed in albums, which we pulled out and flipped through regularly when we were young.

I don't have albums full of photos of my family. Sounds ridiculous, right? A family photographer, without her own family albums? Instead I have the world's most chaotic fridge door and a hot mess of a bulletin board behind my computer -- both with photographs dripping off them, battling for space and basically making me smile a hundred times a day. My husband, however, has one of those real in-a-public-building-with-colleagues types of offices, so the hot-mess bulletin board doesn't work for him, nor does the tack-board fridge.

Personalized photo calendar by Willow and Wild Photography

Enter the photo calendar.

I know, those of you who grew up with the "Milk" calendar courtesy of the dairy farmers of Ontario are thinking, "What, no recipes?" That is a bit of an issue -- but more than made up for by the grins our calendar kids put on our faces every day. Each November I pick some of my favourite photos of the boys from the year, and create something that makes us smile every day the following year. Each year's calendar becomes part of our "family album collection" -- 12 images a year, creating a time capsule of sorts, year upon year.

Thirteen years ago, the calendar started as a large wall calendar. When COVID sent us all scuttling to our home offices in 2020 it shrunk down to a very accommodating desk size (printed at Toronto printing house, Pikto). So now my time capsule takes up even less space in my tiny home. It's an instant happy pill every day, and a great stocking stuffer for doting grandparents as well. So yeah, I might miss the photo albums (and yummy milk recipes), but as long as I get to see the faces I love every day, it'll be a good year.


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