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The muted magic of November | Toronto lifestyle photography

Married couple hugging in evening light

People often ask me what time of year is best for outdoor photos. When it comes to photographing young families, the answer is simple: September and October. In Toronto, those months give us beautiful landscapes, early sunsets so little ones can be out when the light is ideal, and days that are warm enough for your babes to be outside without cold fingers and running noses.

But now, can we talk about November?

There's just something so sophisticated and romantic about Toronto's landscape in November. The bright leaves turn rusty and fall, muting the trails and ravines in the most beautiful way. The more neutral landscape makes the perfect backdrop for lifestyle portraits because it doesn't compete for attention by being enrobed in colour. You can almost smell the cinnamon and spice of a good apple pie, or imagine a cozy fireplace calling you near for a cup of hot cider.

Photo of parkland and Don River in Toronto in November

Now I'll admit, it can be a bit on the chilly side and a wee bit grey -- but those moody skies make a stunning backdrop and clouds really are a photographer's friend. November in Toronto is the perfect setting for an adventurous family -- maybe with older kids who don't mind braving the cold for a while. And if you've been thinking of doing a couple's shoot with your love, it doesn't get better than this time of year! There is almost a gritty sensuality in the meeting of the city and the wild spaces right now. Heck, a little chill in the air is just one more reason to snuggle closer to your special human, right?

Last but not least, the sun sets crazy early this time of year, so you can do your shoot and still make that dinner reservation for 7 pm. (You'll already look fabulous; you may as well capitalize on it.) So are you with me? Let's pull out those chunky sweaters and wool coats and do this November thing!


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